COSHH Awareness

Hazardous substances come in every conceivable form, and include not only labelled products, but the by-products of work like fumes and dust, and infectious pathogens like legionella and HIV. The law requires that all staff who may come into contact with hazardous substances must receive appropriate training. This Safety Matters Training Course looks at the duties, placed on employers, to manage and control the use or production of substances in the workplace. The training educates on practical ways to address substance-related issues and conduct suitable and substantive assessments of the risk levels posed to individuals within the working environment.

Who is the COSHH Awareness Training Course for?

Health and safety professionals and individuals responsible for COSHH assessment and management in the workplace.

What you Can Expect from the Course

COSHH Awareness is a half day course suitable for all employees who may be exposed to risk as any part of their duties. This Zero Harm Training Course provides guidance in the following topics;

  • Effective COSHH assessments
  • Effective COSHH management system
  • Systems for testing and inspecting personal protective equipment
  • Health screening programmes
  • Training and instruction systems for dealing with hazardous substances
  • Identifying hazardous substances in the workplace
  • Immediate and long-term health hazards
  • Safe handling techniques
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Basic COSHH legal requirements

Duration: 1 day course

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