Manual Handling Awareness And Practice

Manual handling is one of the main causes of occupational injuries in the UK. Safety Matters can help ensure that you have complied with the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992. This course is designed to raise awareness and teach specific handling techniques in line with the Manual Handling regulations.

Who is the COSHH Awareness Training Course for?

The course is aimed at all levels of staff, and in a variety of workplaces to ensure they gain sufficient knowledge and understanding of current health and safety requirements to prevent injury to themselves. Specifically this training is for designed for individuals responsible for lifting and carrying materials in the workplace.

What you Can Expect from the Course

Areas covered as part of Safety Matters Manual Handling Training Programme:-

  • Health & Safety At Work Act 1974
  • Manual Handling Regulations
  • Management Of Health & Safety At Work Regulations
  • Injuries/Accident Statistics
  • The Functions Of The Spine And Muscular System
  • Hazard Identification And Assessment Of: The Task and The Load
  • The Working Environment
  • Individual Capabilities
  • Correct Handling Techniques
  • Responsibilities Of Employers And Employees
  • Practical Exercises And Tuition
  • Upon completion of the course, delegates will be competent in the following:-
  • Understanding Of Regulations
  • Practical Knowledge Of Lifting And Moving
  • Identifying Potential Hazards And Risks
  • Determine The Safest Method Of Manual Handling Without Causing Injury
  • Certification upon completion of course

Duration: 1 day course

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